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Epeolatry Sunday: Untranslatable Words, Linguistic Orientalism, and German being German

Friends and family love to send me lists of untranslatable words that are currently making the rounds on the internet. Which is great, although it does lead to quite a bit of overlap – if you’ve read more than one list of untranslatable words you’ll know what I mean. As the header image for this post shows, […]

Epeolatry Sunday: goshi goshi and other amuses-bouches

This week’s episode of Epeolatry Sunday is dedicated to one of my favourite categories of words: the onomatopoeia.

Venice, why we really haunt used bookstores, and some thoughts on geography

Well, my revival has survived into its second week. This Sunday’s word is one that I only recently learned, despite spending large chunks of my youth in used bookstores precisely because of it. Well, it and the cheap books.

The return of epeolatry sunday!

Back when I first started this thing I used to indulge in a weekly bit of word-love, because I’d only just learned the word “epeolatry” (ie. the worship of words – Wikipedia tells me it’s Greek in origin). It’s been many a moon since I’ve done an Epeolatry Sunday but, while procrastinating today, I came across […]

Wenn ich Liebeskummer habe

I wrote this for another blog, but then I felt like a bad parent for neglecting this one, and I don’t have time to be writing more than one thing at a time – who knew masters programs would involve so much work? Maybe should have seen this coming… Anyway, here’s a little ode to […]

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

And that means it’s time for a little word-lovin’. I’ve been trying (as some of you may have noticed) to make a weekly ritual out of this but, due to various real life issues, haven’t quite managed it. I’m sure no one’s suffered any fatal side effects because of this but, if you have, I’m […]

It’s Epeolatry Sunday!

I missed last week’s, unfortunately! Here’s one of my favourites to make up for it.  Raucous: adj. something loud, harsh, grating, and/or obnoxiously boisterous. Generally used for voices or other noises. Personally, when I think of raucous I think of crows cawing and find it more-or-less onomatopoeic. 

Grief bacon and stairwell wit

Grief bacon and stairwell wit Found on mentalfloss.com. English is so good at stealing, why haven’t we stolen these yet?

A little epeolatry

I recently read something about epeolatry (the worship of words) and thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to offer up some under-appreciated words in prayer from time to time. So here’s one I only recently learned, which may or may not actually be considered an English word. But let’s not hold that against it. […]