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Epeolatry Sunday: Where the Wolves Fuck and Why Serbians Become Vegetarians

The last time I was in Belgrade, some friends and I went out for drinks and I asked Uroš –  a Serbian vegetarian, ie. a real live unicorn – why he was a vegetarian in a country whose love of grilled meat is surpassed only by the fanatical Argentina.

A slow process

“What do you see?” he asked, looking out over the city. “I see a stranger and a strange land, both waiting for the other to become familiar,” she replied, catching sight of her reflection in the window.

Venice, why we really haunt used bookstores, and some thoughts on geography

Well, my revival has survived into its second week. This Sunday’s word is one that I only recently learned, despite spending large chunks of my youth in used bookstores precisely because of it. Well, it and the cheap books.

Five Senses #3 – Sight

Here croissants are small with tips that curl inward, forming a lopsided circle. You eat them in cafes for breakfast with milky coffee. Often, there will be a dog underneath your table when you do this. If it gets cold, the dog will curl up, nose to tail, forming a lopsided circle. It will look suspiciously like your croissant.

Five Senses #1 – Sound

So, I recently moved from Canada to Argentina. Culture shock isn’t something I feel very often, but I was definitely expecting more of it this time. That said, I think this has been a more painless process than expected because I’m cocooned in a bubble inhabited by thesis-writing and an English-speaking partner who came complete with an apartment for […]

A long story short

About a year ago my boyfriend and I went backpacking in Haiti. We spent several nights in Port-au-Prince, down near the water. One night this happened. I’d say “based on a true story” but, actually, this is exactly how it went. I just cut out some of the longer hours. Do yourselves a favour and […]