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Epeolatry Sunday: Where the Wolves Fuck and Why Serbians Become Vegetarians

The last time I was in Belgrade, some friends and I went out for drinks and I asked Uroš –  a Serbian vegetarian, ie. a real live unicorn – why he was a vegetarian in a country whose love of grilled meat is surpassed only by the fanatical Argentina.

Epeolatry Sunday: Untranslatable Words, Linguistic Orientalism, and German being German

Friends and family love to send me lists of untranslatable words that are currently making the rounds on the internet. Which is great, although it does lead to quite a bit of overlap – if you’ve read more than one list of untranslatable words you’ll know what I mean. As the header image for this post shows, […]

A love note to Giambattista Basile

“Oh, wretched is the woman that lets herself be impregnated by the words of men…” Giambattista Basile (The Tale of Tales 192)


“How can you live here?” he asked. “You don’t speak a word of the language.” She shrugged. “Sometimes it’s easier to love those you don’t understand,” she replied.

The Blue Butterfly, Authorial Intent, and a Few Thoughts on Translation

I’ve always liked John Green’s thoughts on authorial intent  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWtyhGsgosE). Now, a while back we translated Herman Hesse’s Blauer Schmetterling in one of my classes. I ended up doing two entirely different translations and I realised that that was one of my favourite things about translation: it, very concretely, takes the power from the author and […]

A two month hiatus and all you get is a list?

  I’m afraid so, folks. But I saw this on another blog and it reminded me of grief-bacon. I think there may be some overlap, but it’s still a fabulous list. If there’s anyone out there reading this, maybe we can try our hand at translating/creating English equivalents?http://www.altalang.com/beyond-words/2008/10/12/ten-most-difficult-words-to-translate/

Kafka, Orwell, Perrault, and fabulous feminism – all for 25¢!

I read this in translation (my choices being limited) but I would really like to get a hold of the original French version because there were definitely some interesting choices (including the title: “Truismes” to “Pig Tales”) made by the translator which I found not always in keeping with the tone she’d taken. That said, […]