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Nature vs Nurture, or Monolingual Writing: An Exercise in Frustration

I wanted to spend some time in German. This is a more-or-less faithful transcription of my time there. Advertisements

A Cautionary Tale

He wanted to write without distraction. He had so many things to say about life, about people, about all the things we do – he just needed a little time alone to get it all out. So, he made himself comfortable in a small room, high above the city, with everything he could need, and […]

My thoughts exactly

“Plot,” she said, with a delicate shudder. Even before it had left her lips, that particularly corrosive disdain unique to precocious preteens had already rendered the helpless syllable structurally unsound. “God, I never touch the stuff.”

Thoughts on the Creative Process

“Writing seems to be an awful lot like having a child,” she said. “You give birth to it, you nurse it, you love it. It’s a miracle. Then, a few years later, you absolutely hate it because it reminds you so much of yourself.”