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Justifying unhappiness

“Why don’t you go back, if you miss it so much?” she asked. “Living somewhere beautiful is too hard,” he replied. “Much easier to live in squalor. At least that way you won’t miss it when it’s gone.” She pursed her lips. “You’re a bit of a downer when you drink, aren’t you?”

A slow process

“What do you see?” he asked, looking out over the city. “I see a stranger and a strange land, both waiting for the other to become familiar,” she replied, catching sight of her reflection in the window.

A love note to Giambattista Basile

“Oh, wretched is the woman that lets herself be impregnated by the words of men…” Giambattista Basile (The Tale of Tales 192)

The Catharsis of Eve

I have to admit, I always did like Lilith better. She had a better sense of humour than Adam. Given the choice, I’d have rather shared the apple with her. She’d have taken a bite then kissed me in celebration, her mouth still slick and sticky with the juice.  I mean really, it’s a bit ridiculous […]

Fairy Tales Revisited #2 – The Frog King

I read this for the first time about a year ago and it creeped me out from the start. One of my professors loved it, however, so I ended up reading it several times for several classes. It never grew on me. The Frog King He had a long, fleshy mouth and eyes too large […]