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Unforeseen puppies and other excuses

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a mess – both literally and metaphorically. Puppies, it turns out, are just as bad for your sleeping habits as babies, unsurprisingly. But more on that later. For now, here’s a poem. These days, roadtrips always make me want to write. Advertisements

Rocks and Trees

There’s actually a song by a Canadian parody band called The Arrogant Worms that’s called Trees and Rocks (or Rocks and Trees) that’s about the scenery in Canada, and how we’re mainly (you guessed it) trees and rocks. Anyway, it has nothing to do with this poem, other than my tangential brain. That aside, this […]

Surface Tension

  I slide like an oil slick back and forth across your city. How long will it take before I sink below the surface? Will it ever fill my lungs like mine does?

Stepmother tongue

All March and not a single post? I have been remiss! School, school, school… what can I say? Here’re two posts in a day. Hopefully in the summer I’ll have the time to do some actual writing. This was also given to another blog earlier but under the title “Belle-mère,” and I realised that the […]

Porter de l’eau a la mer

The original of this poem was written a few years ago while I was studying French translation and we were doing a unit on idioms. I’ve recently expanded it and entirely changed its purpose, but I like it better this way. Though, I just noticed as I was entering categories that I missed out on […]

Immer um – a love song

And now for something completely different. My German isn’t strong, so this may very well be poetic license taken too far. Wir drehen immer um, immer um, immer um und wir gehen immer zum, immer zum, immer zum. Weil ich, aber, nur um dich drehe und nur zu dir gehe, will ich, dass wir immer […]