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Epeolatry Monday! My love/hate relationship with idioms

We’re almost back to our regularly scheduled programming. Still even out my post-puppy post-food-poisoning (hurray!) life. Today’s word is actually words, plural, and brought to you by one of my students. Advertisements

Nature vs Nurture, or Monolingual Writing: An Exercise in Frustration

I wanted to spend some time in German. This is a more-or-less faithful transcription of my time there.

A mid-week language-learning rant: the B level plateau and the lie of “upper intermediate”

I’ve been doing some freelance writing lately and that took me into one of my favourite/least favourite corners of the internet: how to learn languages.

Stepmother tongue

All March and not a single post? I have been remiss! School, school, school… what can I say? Here’re two posts in a day. Hopefully in the summer I’ll have the time to do some actual writing. This was also given to another blog earlier but under the title “Belle-mère,” and I realised that the […]

Wenn ich Liebeskummer habe

I wrote this for another blog, but then I felt like a bad parent for neglecting this one, and I don’t have time to be writing more than one thing at a time – who knew masters programs would involve so much work? Maybe should have seen this coming… Anyway, here’s a little ode to […]