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Epeolatry Monday! Maybe I should just permanently change the day…

I decided to take a couple computer-free days this weekend after spending (what felt like) all eternity working at my computer last week. Unfortunately, I belatedly realised – once my computer was in the city and I was in the country – that this also meant no blog posts. Advertisements

Nature vs Nurture, or Monolingual Writing: An Exercise in Frustration

I wanted to spend some time in German. This is a more-or-less faithful transcription of my time there.

Epeolatry Sunday: Untranslatable Words, Linguistic Orientalism, and German being German

Friends and family love to send me lists of untranslatable words that are currently making the rounds on the internet. Which is great, although it does lead to quite a bit of overlap – if you’ve read more than one list of untranslatable words you’ll know what I mean. As the header image for this post shows, […]

How the soldier repairs the gramophone: a reading coup de foudre?

“My father spends entire weekends in his studio. A painter must never be satisfied with what he sees – painting reality means surrendering to it, he cries when I knock at the door to say the air’s leaking out of my soccer ball, or the inner tube of my bike tire.”

Wenn ich Liebeskummer habe

I wrote this for another blog, but then I felt like a bad parent for neglecting this one, and I don’t have time to be writing more than one thing at a time – who knew masters programs would involve so much work? Maybe should have seen this coming… Anyway, here’s a little ode to […]

Immer um – a love song

And now for something completely different. My German isn’t strong, so this may very well be poetic license taken too far. Wir drehen immer um, immer um, immer um und wir gehen immer zum, immer zum, immer zum. Weil ich, aber, nur um dich drehe und nur zu dir gehe, will ich, dass wir immer […]