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Latinx, language “degredation”, and linguistic emancipation

How’s that for a loaded title?? Because it’s always a good time to talk about language and gender! Advertisements

TV, you’re doing it wrong, or: why I yell at the TV part 1

Sorry, television, but it’s not me, it’s you.

Epeolatry Sunday: Narcos, swearing in spanish, and some of the (many) reasons I yell at the TV

Today’s edition of Epeolatry Sunday is brought to you by the second season of Narcos. Briefly, for those of you who aren’t stealing someone else’s Netflix account, Narcos is a series based on Pablo Escobar and the Colombian cocaine wars. Every episode is chock-a-block full of wild 80s fashion, salsa music, seemingly endless drive-by shootings, and rampant […]

I couldn’t sleep last night because France

There’s been a lot of news articles going around about France’s new obsession with beach-wear. I will admit to not reading all of them, but I’ve read enough to be absolutely fucking fed up. I very literally woke up last night to pee and then couldn’t get back to sleep because somewhere between the bed […]

Epeolatry Sunday: Syzygy, the X-Files, and a dash of righteous feminsim

Well, it’s a day late, but still Epeolatry Sunday is in its third week running – it’s a honest-to-God miracle!

Kafka, Orwell, Perrault, and fabulous feminism – all for 25¢!

I read this in translation (my choices being limited) but I would really like to get a hold of the original French version because there were definitely some interesting choices (including the title: “Truismes” to “Pig Tales”) made by the translator which I found not always in keeping with the tone she’d taken. That said, […]