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A love note to Giambattista Basile

“Oh, wretched is the woman that lets herself be impregnated by the words of men…” Giambattista Basile (The Tale of Tales 192)

Fairy Tales Revisisted #6 – Hagiography (Active)

This is actually the same as an earlier post but I recently wrote another ending to it and liked the way they split from each other: in one St. Dympna is the passive audience to her own life and this one the active instigator. To some extent at least. So Hagiography (Active) The sky above […]

Fairy Tales Revisited # 5 – Snow White and Rose Red

The first time I ever saw this story I was maybe nine and it was in a collection called, I think, Classic Bedtime Stories. Or maybe The Best Bedtime Stories. I forget. But that adaptation was written by Patricia C. Wrede of Talking with Dragons and Mairelon the Magician fame, which are two young adult […]

Fairy Tales Revisited #4 – Red, Grey, Wolf

About two or three years ago now I wrote six or so of these revisited fairy tales and this story, a version of Red Ridinghood, came to me then and I wrote down a few paragraphs, hated them, and dropped the idea. For whatever reason it’s come back to me now and I think – […]

A story!

Well…I forgot about this thing. Hopefully this time I’ll take better care of it! Which is, I think, what I said last time I forgot about it too… Here’s the first chapter of a detective story involving, among other things, private eyes, cross-dressing, an alternate version of the 1920s, spies, circuses, WWI, fairy tales, sarcasm, […]

Fairy Tales Revisited #3 – Hagiography

This is based on Allerleirauh (Grimms) or Peau d’Ane (Perrault), depending on which you prefer, which has ties to the story of Saint Dympna. It also borrows from the story of Mary of Egypt. This is one of the things I like best about fairy tales/folklore, really: the endless number of layers you can find […]

Fairy Tales Revisited #2 – The Frog King

I read this for the first time about a year ago and it creeped me out from the start. One of my professors loved it, however, so I ended up reading it several times for several classes. It never grew on me. The Frog King He had a long, fleshy mouth and eyes too large […]

Kafka, Orwell, Perrault, and fabulous feminism – all for 25¢!

I read this in translation (my choices being limited) but I would really like to get a hold of the original French version because there were definitely some interesting choices (including the title: “Truismes” to “Pig Tales”) made by the translator which I found not always in keeping with the tone she’d taken. That said, […]

Fairy Tales Revisited #1 – Scarlet and the Groom

Scarlet was wearing red; dark red like blood, or raspberries ripening among the thorns. He watched her cross the park, appearing and disappearing between the lines of the trees. She was going to visit her grandmother. She went often, though he had only been once. Her grandmother, stiff backed with pride and rheumatism, had looked […]