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Epeolatry Monday! Maybe I should just permanently change the day…

I decided to take a couple computer-free days this weekend after spending (what felt like) all eternity working at my computer last week. Unfortunately, I belatedly realised – once my computer was in the city and I was in the country – that this also meant no blog posts. Advertisements

Epeolatry Monday! My love/hate relationship with idioms

We’re almost back to our regularly scheduled programming. Still even out my post-puppy post-food-poisoning (hurray!) life. Today’s word is actually words, plural, and brought to you by one of my students.

The return of epeolatry sunday!

Back when I first started this thing I used to indulge in a weekly bit of word-love, because I’d only just learned the word “epeolatry” (ie. the worship of words – Wikipedia tells me it’s Greek in origin). It’s been many a moon since I’ve done an Epeolatry Sunday but, while procrastinating today, I came across […]