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The Quality of Mercy

I don’t know what happened the other day but a bajillion people showed up to read this. Which was THRILLING. I kept going to back to my inbox to make sure the emails were actually there. So thank you very much to everyone who read something or liked something or, best of all, commented! I […]


A little article on the history and current revival of Charlie’s favourite drink. And also mine. Coincidence? Absolutely not. I’ve spent many a happy workshift trying to force the word “gin” into as many cocktail names as possible – there’s no way in hell I’d waste a WHOLE NOVEL without managing to wrangle gin in […]

Prince & West, Chapter 2

Not fully satisfied with this chapter. Smells suspiciously of my teenage writing style – too many words! I can’t decide if I like that for this story or not. Time will tell! But for now it’ll do – otherwise I’ll just sit on it forever. Should anyone other than Audrey read this, feedback much appreciated […]