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Latinx, language “degredation”, and linguistic emancipation

How’s that for a loaded title?? Because it’s always a good time to talk about language and gender! Advertisements

TV, you’re doing it wrong, or: why I yell at the TV part 1

Sorry, television, but it’s not me, it’s you.

Epeolatry Monday! Maybe I should just permanently change the day…

I decided to take a couple computer-free days this weekend after spending (what felt like) all eternity working at my computer last week. Unfortunately, I belatedly realised – once my computer was in the city and I was in the country – that this also meant no blog posts.

Epeolatry Monday! My love/hate relationship with idioms

We’re almost back to our regularly scheduled programming. Still even out my post-puppy post-food-poisoning (hurray!) life. Today’s word is actually words, plural, and brought to you by one of my students.

Puppies, life, death, and what whales sing about

As the people who follow my Instagram account are well aware, I’ve had a puppy for the past few weeks (no longer – he has gone to home in the country). I found him and his little brother in a box on my walk home from work a couple weeks ago. When the littler one started […]

Nature vs Nurture, or Monolingual Writing: An Exercise in Frustration

I wanted to spend some time in German. This is a more-or-less faithful transcription of my time there.

Epeolatry Sunday: Where the Wolves Fuck and Why Serbians Become Vegetarians

The last time I was in Belgrade, some friends and I went out for drinks and I asked Uroš –  a Serbian vegetarian, ie. a real live unicorn – why he was a vegetarian in a country whose love of grilled meat is surpassed only by the fanatical Argentina.