No longer a dawdling undergrad n0r a dawdling masters student! Progress! These days I live in South America, working as a freelance writer and language teacher and managing to update this thing surprisingly often (no one is more surprised by this than me). Now if only I could write fiction for myself and not other people. But it’s good to have goals, right?



  1. Is it working?

    1. Haha, not really, I’m afraid. Everything’s still pretty sporadic. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

  2. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch and introducing me to your blog. Love the term dawdling masters student … I was one of those once. Er, no, twice. I guess now I’m a dawdling over-educated middle aged person. Keep writing!

    1. And thank you! Heheh…yeah, there’s a good chance I’ll become one a second time round – but hey, practice makes perfect, right?

      1. I obviously need waay more practice!

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