The return of epeolatry sunday!

Back when I first started this thing I used to indulge in a weekly bit of word-love, because I’d only just learned the word “epeolatry” (ie. the worship of words – Wikipedia tells me it’s Greek in origin). It’s been many a moon since I’ve done an Epeolatry Sunday but, while procrastinating today, I came across a Buzzfeed list (what else?) of what they consider 32 of the most beautiful English words. It’s a mix of the usual “deep” words (epiphany, solitude, etc) along with some truly excellent ones that I didn’t know and will now make a point of shoehorning into as many conversations as possible.


“Twenty Ways To Draw a Hedgehog”

This Sunday, however, is devoted to a word someone mentioned in the comments of the article (bcause yes, I read the comments on word lists) and I think it is glorious.

Erinaceous: of or relating to the hedgehog 

For best results, use liberally in daily conversation.


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