Language Death, Gretchen McCulloch, and Farewell to The Toast

Well, I’m not usually the first to hear the news, whatever that news may be, so it comes as no surprise that it took me a month to find out that The Toast is now defunct. I was never an avid follower of The Toast, but I liked what they did, was glad it existed, and have definitely been known to snort various liquids out my nose while reading Malaary Ortberg’s repurposing of Western Art History (do not click that link if you’re in hurry).

That said, my favourite Toast posts were usually Gretchen McCulloch’s “A Linguist Explains…”. It combined geeky fandoms and linguistics – what more could you possibly want out of the internet? Her last post was on language death (another favourite subject of mine) and Emojis (something my phone only recently started being able to do) and it was so fabulous I even joined Tumblr (right?!) so that I could still read her stuff sans The Toast. Check out her final Toast post here (also, Toast post is just so satisfying to say allowed. Go on, try it).

So, farewell to The Toast, you glorious internet unicorn! Eternal proof that feminists are actually the funniest people you’ll ever meet.



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