Getting Away with Murder

Came across this article on the use of language surrounding Russia’s involvement in (invasion of!) Ukraine (“Why #RussiaInvadedUkraine Matters”) and was inspired to (finally) post something. I’ve been following the Ukraine news more closely than I do most news and this take on it was nearly everything I’m interested in all rolled into one article.
It reminds me of Margo Harkin’s documentary – whose name escapes me at the moment – about the families of the Irish protesters accused of murdering British soldiers on Bloody Sunday – how these families, even though they knew their sons, brothers, etc. were innocent, had no peace for decades until the British government finally came out and declared the men innocent. The acknowledgement of guilt or innocence, of engagement or abandonment carries huge weight, emotionally and, in this particular article, also possibly politically. After all, if Russia never invaded then we can feel quite comfortable doing nothing and Putin can feel quite comfortable doing whatever he likes.

Also, here’s a link to the article straight because I really can’t get it to work via wordpress’s little widget. I’m way too young to be this bad at the internet…


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