Friday Fictioneers! Some Flash Fiction for the mid-week.

Well, I really let the ball drop on this one, didn’t I?

She sat down, sliding right up against the window. Watching the water calmed her nerves. She pressed her face to the heavy glass until her breath fogged the view. She wiped away the condensation and then checked the time. There was still some left.

At the other end of the lounge, a door opened and closed. She jerked away from the window. It was a family of four. She went back to the window; her breath fogged the glass; she wiped it away; she checked the time. He was late.

For the first time in her life, she felt seasick.



  1. Good writing framing this story. Waiting on a friend..or more. i enjoyed this. Well done.



  2. Great sense of suspense here. Don’t know what they’re up to but it sounds interesting.

    1. Thank you! 100 words really lends itself to unfulfilment, I think:)

  3. Oh gawd, I know that feeling.

    1. Don’t we all!!

  4. Hmmm… What’s going on here?

    1. Waiting, mostly.

  5. Wondering if she’s seasick or lovesick? Good one.



    1. Thank you!
      And what a lovely choice of picture!

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