The Catharsis of Eve

I have to admit, I always did like Lilith better. She had a better sense of humour than Adam. Given the choice, I’d have rather shared the apple with her. She’d have taken a bite then kissed me in celebration, her mouth still slick and sticky with the juice. 

I mean really, it’s a bit ridiculous for him to say that ignorance is bliss. How would he know, anyway? Honestly, if those are my only two options, I’d rather be miserable. Let’s be realistic here, if I’m going to be the mother of an entire race than I had damn well better know what’s what. Children are curious little buggers. 

Speaking of children, I have had it up to here with Adam. He can sulk all he wants but the hell I’m going to let my in-laws are going to make me feel ashamed of my house-keeping. I’m not the one acting like a spoiled child. At least I know how to share. 

You know, I never told Adam, but the snake told me he’d take it like this. That’s what sold me on the whole idea, to be honest. I thought it would be good for him. He really just needs to learn to calm the hell down about everything. There’s more to life, people. 

It’s like I tell my kids: the fall is inevitable. You simply have to learn to pick yourself back up afterwards and get on with things. 



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