Friday Flash fiction

I’ve been meaning to jump on Friday Fictioneers bandwagon for a few weeks so here we go! 100 words on the nose!


Weighed Down

It’s not the damp. No, nor the wind; the wind is more like a lover the way it shivers in my skirts. Nor is it the height. I like the view: a carousel of city whirling below me. I wonder if people look up at me and wonder about what I hide below me, out of their reach. It’s the smell I hate: the swampy gasps of garbage and rot; the sweet sting of gasoline. The city is beautiful to see but the reek of it lingers in my lace for days, even up here, so high above it all.

Official Friday Fictioneers blog:



  1. Interesting take on this prompt!

  2. Really like the dress’s point of view. I concur about those swampy gasps – lovely image that really brings the scents of the city to mind (or nose).

  3. I was thinking when I saw this that if she airing it out, is it really working there? After your description, I gotta say “No”.

    1. Ha, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

  4. Nice description of a unique POV. And welcome, by the way. 🙂 Hold on, because this bandwagon goes all over the place!!


    1. Haha, thanks! I’m looking forward to the ride:)

  5. Different angle to the prompt – well done.

  6. petrujviljoen · · Reply

    Liked this a lot.

    1. I’m glad to hear it:)

  7. Very skilful portrayal of a city.
    Neat point of view.

  8. Great to see a take from the dress POV … yes I’m sure that would be what a dress like that would think (maybe a little embarrased that people can look up-skirt)

    Welcome to an addiction

    1. Thanks. Yeah, if I were a dress I’d feel a little exposed in that position!

  9. I enjoyed hearing from the dress, a unique take on the prompt.

  10. Truly unique, loved the voice of the dress.

  11. Ooh, I like that the dress has a voice – brilliant approach!

  12. Dear Alicia,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers with your different take on the prompt. Hadn’t thought about things from the dress’s POV. Nice one. It’s always amazing to me how many different stories can come from one photo.



    1. Thank you! And thanks for going to all this bother for us, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  13. I loved this take on the prompt, the dress’s point of view and very nicely done too.
    May I add my welcome, look forward to reading more from you

    1. Thanks for the welcome and the kind words!:)

  14. Several stabs with personification this week, which is one of my favorite literary devices.

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