How’s that for a loaded title?? Because it’s always a good time to talk about language and gender!

Sorry, television, but it’s not me, it’s you.

I decided to take a couple computer-free days this weekend after spending (what felt like) all eternity working at my computer last week. Unfortunately, I belatedly realised – once my computer was in the city and I was in the country – that this also meant no blog posts.

Finally we are back to our regularly scheduled programming! Today’s word is brought to you by J.’s (mis)adventures with hairdressers. I meant to write about this a few weeks ago when he still looked like a Jane Austen heroine crossed with a poodle, but better late than never.

We’re almost back to our regularly scheduled programming. Still even out my post-puppy post-food-poisoning (hurray!) life. Today’s word is actually words, plural, and brought to you by one of my students.

“Why don’t you go back, if you miss it so much?” she asked. “Living somewhere beautiful is too hard,” he replied. “Much easier to live in squalor. At least that way you won’t miss it when it’s gone.” She pursed her lips. “You’re a bit of a downer when you drink, aren’t you?”

As the people who follow my Instagram account are well aware, I’ve had a puppy for the past few weeks (no longer – he has gone to home in the country). I found him and his little brother in a box on my walk home from work a couple weeks ago. When the littler one started […]